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family of the missing deceased Qatari Hero participated in the awarding prizes to the winners

family of the missing deceased Qatari Hero participated in the awarding prizes to the winners.

A special end of the "Abdulrahman Najjar" Table tennis Tournament

100 players of different age groups participated in the tournament in honor of the Al Adam (Qatar table tennis tennis National Player)

tournament has started on Saturday, the competition of the first edition of the Abdul Rahman Al-Najjar (Ramadan) table tennis tournament,


which was held on two-day competition in QTTA Training center, in honor of the his spirit the Qatari and arabi table Tennis Player Abdulrahman Al-Najjar and commemorating his memory as one of the most outstanding stars who gave the game a lot despite his small age.

The tournament was attended by a huge number mixed between national team players and residents of various nationalities.

The number reached about 100 players of different nationalities and age groups who competed for the commemoration of the deceased hero.

The Qatari Association organized and sponsored this tournament in cooperation with the Arab table tennis association and the International table tennis Federation "ITTF FOUNDATION".

At the end of the competitions, Mr.Khalil bin Ahmed Al-Mohannadi, president of the Qatar and Arab Table Tennis Federation, the first deputy president of ITTF and ATTU crowned the winners of the first centers.

At the level of results Abdul Aziz Al-Najjar, the brother of the deceased gold medalist category from 21 to 30 years, while german shemet ranked second and Fahd al mughni came in third place.

Khalil Bin Ahmed Al Mohannadi, president of the Qatar & Arab Table tennis, thanked all those who contributed to the success of this tournament, insure that the idea of ​​holding this tournament was a commemoration of the deceased Abdul Rahman Al Najjar with a touch of loyalty from the entire family of table tennis.

This Tournament will be hold each Ramadan in the coming years with the work to develop and include participants from the All Arab Countries, that is showing the status of this hero to all table tennis fans.

Mohsen Al-Najjar's father praised the idea of ​​the tournament and thanks Qatar table tennis association headed by Khalil Al-Muhannadi, in sure that it is a good and unforgettable gesture to commemorate the gifted hero deceased Abdul Rahman Al-Najjar.

In a wonderful gesture, all the players wore T-shirts with the image of the deceased hero and expressed their wishes and prayers for him with mercy and forgiveness, moreover that they all lost a brother and a dear friend was an example of high morals and commitment and also great talent.

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