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A strong start for the 2020-2021 Table League season

The competitions of the first round of the Men's Table Tennis League championship for the 2020-2021 sports season witnessed an exciting start that paves the way for a very strong season, especially with the new system of the competition, which is held this season in two phases, the first with a round-trip system to determine the positions from the first to the ninth, and then the second phase with a PLAYOFF system. PLAYOFF is among the four first-place teams from the first stage to determine the league champion and final places from first to fourth.

5 matches were held in the first round today, Tuesday, at the Preparation and Training Center hall in Ras Abu Abboud, amid the implementation of precautionary measures in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus - Covid 19, and resulted in Al-Rayyan winning over Al-Shamal 4-0 and Al-Arabi over Al-Gharafa 4-1 and Al-Sadd They defeated Al-Khor 4-0, Al-Ahly defeated Al-Wakra 4-2, and Qatar defeated Al-Shamal 4-0.

The matches will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, with the holding of the second round competitions for the first stage, and Al Rayyan gathered with Al Sadd, Al Arabi with Al Wakrah, and Al Khor with Al Ahly, while the teams get a rest after this round before the competitions resume again next Monday, January 18 with the third round, then the fourth round will be held on Tuesday. January 19, and the first leg of the ninth round will end on Monday, February 1, 2021, and the return round will start on Tuesday, February 2.

Returning to today's matches, the defending champions Qatar, the double league champion, and the Emir's Cup, managed to achieve an easy victory over Al Shamal, 4-0, under the leadership of its coach Walid Samir Abul Fotouh.

The match was led by the referee, Jamil Muhammad Muslim, and assisted by Al-Hikma Jihan Khalil, General Referee Alawi Belghith, and the match observer on the Thani Al-Zaraa.

The results came with Yasser Sobhi's victory over Nadim Al-Hashemi 3-1, Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab over Salem Al-Sada 3-0, and Ahmed Khalil Al-Muhannadi over Amer Al-Khalidi 3-1, and Ahmed Khalil and Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab won the doubles match with a 3-0 victory over Nadim Al-Hashemi and Salem Al-Sada 3 -0.

In the second match, Al-Sadd, one of the strongest candidates to win the title, was able to overtake Al-Khor easily as well by beating him 4-0 in the match that was led by referee Ali Abdel Moneim Nadi and the second referee, Mohamed Fawzi Al-Sayed.

Al-Arabi surpassed Al-Gharafa team 4-1, thanks to the brilliance of his player, Zahine Mbeng, who won two meetings in addition to the doubles meeting with German Schmidt over Saif Al-Din Fattah Najm and Raed Al-Mughni.

Al-Ahly overcame the Al-Wakra hurdle with a score of 4-2 in the match moderated by the referees Ali Ahmed Yaqoub and Reda Hadi Muhammad.

While Al-Rayyan overcame the hurdle of Al-Shamal, who lost their second meeting in the first round, 4-0, after Fahd Al-Mughni defeated Nadim Al-Hashemi 3-0, and Wali hanged on Amer Al-Khalidi 3-0 and Khalifa Nasser over Ahmed Nasrallah 3-0, then Fahd Al-Mughni and Khalifa won In the doubles meeting, Nadim Al-Hashemi and Ahmed Nasrallah 3-0, and the meeting was moderated by Jamil Muhammad Muslim and Jihan Khalil.

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