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All quiet on the Doha front, not for long; enter Sakura Mori

Quietly in a tranquil manner, play progressed on the morning of Wednesday 22nd February in the qualification tournament to determine places in the main draw of the Women’s Singles event at the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour Qatar Open in Doha.

There was the odd polite yelp as a point was won but nothing to awaken a door mouse from its slumber.

Sakura Mori in full cry (Photo by: Vipin Pawar / SPORTZPICS)

A chance to take 40 winks of sleep; no chance, suddenly the air was shattered by a squeal that resonated above all others, one that meant there was no possible chance of a quiet snooze to recover from jet-lag.

Japan’s Sakura Mori was in action; the tonsils vibrated, the left arm was raised high in the air in salute as she woke the whole Gulf Region from its slumber. Every time she won a point, the tonsils vibrated but agonisingly she fell just one shriek short of a half century of yelps.

She beat Korea’s Cho Hala in four straight games (13-11, 14-12, 11-8, 11-8).

Criticism, it is no criticism whatsoever; in fact it is the exact opposite. I want to see players show their feelings, I want to see players act naturally and of course I want to see them react in a way that is within the parameters of good sporting spirit not in a way designed to deliberately antagonise opponents.

Sakura Mori behaves within the bounds of fair and honest play; she shows her feelings in a sincere and candid manner, there is nothing false in her approach.

Furthermore, at the moment she is in a rich vein of form having achieved what few others have achie